U.S. Navy Radio Transmitting Facility, Capas, Tarlac
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Angeles City/Balibago

Richard Evans , ET2
1965 - 1968

Worked in CCL

I arrived at Clark Air Base wearing Dress Blues flying from Travis Air Force Base in Calif. Needless to say I recognized my error immediately because it must have been 100 degrees on the tarmac . A very large Master Chief met us and said" get on the bus" and away we went to Subic. After checking in at Subic a YN1 said you're in the wrong place get on the bus to San Miguel. When I got to San Miguel and checked in the next day the PN1 said don’t unpack you're going to the best duty in the PI and he was right.

Tarlac became my home for the next three years and I miss it even now. From riding around the perimeter of the base in the jeep at night to steaming at the Hill top bar or movies at the Shipwreck club it was home.

I was assigned to the CCL room working for ET2 Jones. It was a short Apprenticeship because ET2 Jones packed his sea bag and left. Needless to say Seaman Evans hoped nothing broke. I worked on the 39's and 40's the Tropo to San Miguel, Big Sam and just about everything else. Spent a lot of time in the ET shop/ screen room in the north east corner of Main Deck.

Married a local girl that worked on Clark and we are still married to this day. Got off of active duty in 68 and managed to hang around the reserve center till I got my 20. Work for General Telephone and Electronics for 30 years retired. Moved to Las Vegas in 1999 took a job with CenturyLink doing Microwave Repair and still work for them today.

Two of these patches made by a Filipino civilian Technician, F. P. Del Rosario, who worked on base at Capas. Del Rosario also had a tailor shop in Balibago and could make custom patches.