U.S. Navy Radio Transmitting Facility, Capas, Tarlac
Angeles City/Balibago
Morris Hervey, RM3-RM2
Jan. 1968- Oct. 1969

I reported to NavComStaPhil in late January '68. I was there only a handful of days when they decided I was going to the "transmitter site at Tarlac". I was very disappointed, believing that my prospects would be better in San Miguel! Little did I know that the best duty station in the PI lie waiting for me!

Initially, I stood watch with Ron Cook's (RM1) section at Main Deck (for about 4-5 mos.), then moved over to Bullhorn standing watch with RM1 Fields, then became watch supervisor there. The only exciting event at Bullhorn was when the east transmitter wing "caught fire"! Unbeknownst to me, the blower motor on one of the FRT-40's had caught fire and the air-conditioning system was catching the smoke and filling the control room with copious amounts of smoke! Geez Loweez, looked like the whole damn place was gonna go up in flames. Called the base fire department! By the time the fire fighters got there, the power had been turned-off to the transmitter, and the blower motor cooled-off – there was very little smoke left in the building! Oops!

Had good times going to Baguio, Corregidor, Manila, steaming in Balibago, etc.

Got out of the Navy in '69. Spent the rest of my working career in the radio communications business – retired in 2006. Now live in the Sierra Foothills in CA.

Best to All,

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