USNRF Personnel Then And Now
LCDR(ret.) Leroy(Roy) Jones was our Capas O.I.C. from 1970-1971. It is the admiration of the men who served under him, who recognize his special brand of leadership, courage, personal hardship and compassion that we dedicate this website to.
LT LeRoy(Roy) Jones, 1970-1971 LT Jones and Wife, New Years 1970 Citizen Roy Jones Citizen Roy Jones, 82, happily shoveling snow
ETN2 Rich Evans, 1965-1968 Earliest known Capas Military w/ photo & Base Mascot Civilian Rich Evans, 2015, still troubleshooting comsys's
RM2 Morris Hervey, 1969, Expert Pugilist Civilian Morris Hervey, 2016, and canine friends
CYN3 Jim Harbeck, 1970-1972, Shotgun Civilian Jim and wife Jan, 2015
RM3 John Avery, 1971-1972, from Janis Joplin's Hometown Civilian John with Female & Harley, Don't tread on me!
RMSN Mike McGuire and friend, 1975-1976, Civilian Mike and Friend, 2015 Mike's Then & Now Photos, 1975-2011
ETN3 Gary Hojell, 1970-1971, Big Sam Tx Trailer Civilian Gary Hojell meets The Dude, 2014
Tom Blewett, circa 1970 Civilian Tom Blewett, 2016
ET1 Mike Walker and crew, just finishing their Big Sam antenna climb(650ft.), circa 1970 Entrepeneur Mike Walker and wife, on their Harley, 2016
In Memoriam
RM2 Jim Lawson, 1970 Jim Lawson, 1998