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Angeles City/Balibago
Big Sam Antenna and Trailer with equipment V-101
A broad view of the antenna field on the North Side of the base
Erection of a Rotatable log-periodic antenna
Rotatable log-periodic antenna

Their advantage is their ability to rotate 360 degrees.
The frequency range of this antenna is 6 to 32 MHz.
The gain is 12 db with respect to isotropic antennas.
Power handling capability is 20 kw average

Conical Monopole antenna

Used extensively in high frequency communitions.
An efficient broadband, vertically polarized omnidirectional
antenna in a compact size.
Power handling capability is 40 kw average

Discage antenna

A broadband omnidirectional antenna.

Rhombic antenna

A high power, low angle, high gain, horizontally polarized, highly directive broadband antenna of simple, inexpensive construction.
The main disadvantage of the rhombic antenna is the requirement for a large land area, usually 5 to 15 acres.

Conical monopole antennas
Low & High Band Monopole Antenna